Almost beyond scope – Web Summit 2014 in Review

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“We have to go, too – everyone is there!” declares Ron and convinces us to invest time and money to visit the Web Summit. The thrill of anticipation grew with every minute after we booked our flights, hotel and Web Summit tickets until we packed our suitcases last November to enjoy Dublin and the Web Summit conference for a week. Our imagination was spinning around Irish Pubs and pitch-black pints of Guinness to surprise our sense of taste. But the prospect of interesting Summits out of different fields to meet the interests of people in the Start-Up sector left us waiting is suspense. So off we go to Ireland.

“Where The Tech World Meets”

The Web Summit became the most important event for Start-Ups and investors worldwide. The annual event was being held for the fourth time in Dublin. Back in 2010/2011 only 400 attendees were counted, but much had happened ever since. The count increased to 22.000 visitors from 109 countries in the previous year 2014. An immense growth. No wonder, since the event deals with up-to-date interests of the Start-Up branch. The media and the bigger company’s also show a growing interest in Start-Up enterprises, which explains the rush demand.

Big names of well known CEO’S, founders and investors from all over the world were announced to show their presence. The most famous celebrity speaker was probably Bono, who doesn’t only perform as a singer from U2 on stage. He gave a speech on the main stage of the Web Summit about the investor sector.

Our expectations? As diverse as our personal hobby’s, but “to experience the happening” would probably sum it up. Since it was our first Web Summit, we were open-minded to everything that was to come.

Builders, Marketing and Center Stage

The event really did become gigantic. The stage of the Center Stage already demonstrated, that the organizers had a budget to spend, which is not surprising when each of the 22.000 attendants paid between 350 – 1000 Euro to enter the 3-day event. But expense paid back in form of the professional decorations of the stages, the technology behind it and the supplied food and drinks for the visitors. Since the Web Summit got so big all together, the conference area had to be expanded to several nearby places within Dublin. This meant a little walk every now and then to get from the Marketing Summit to the lunch area.   Marketing Summit, Machine Summit, Builders Summit or Enterprise, Investor and Food Summit: there was something for everyone. Truly for everyone? Not quite, two out of the four of us were almost a bit disappointed: our hardcore-coder André and Valerius. A tip for everyone who expects a Code-Summit: there are more suitable events in Germany and Europe. But I highly recommend this event to all founders, entrepreneurs, Start-Up-Leaders, Online Marketers and everyone who wants to get inspired for a few days. The gold-rush atmosphere among the founders in the Silicon Valley can also be felt here. I am personally contagiously inspired by this “Start-Up Spirit” and return full of new ideas and impulses.

A variety of talks and long ways

Due to the extent of this event and the attempt to schedule hundreds of talks within three days, we sometimes had to choose between interesting speeches. So we were torn between the Builders Summit or the Marketing Summit, which usually was heavily overcrowded and you had to line up way ahead of the talk to get it. This made us miss other interesting talks unfortunately.

Great  – but please keep the size

No doubt – Dublin 2015 has a set place in our calendars. The Web Summit simply is the biggest event of this kind in Europe, if not worldwide. We will fly over with different experiences and other team-members the next time. Our only wish is that the conference won’t get any bigger, otherwise it will be hard to maintain an overview over all talks and impossible to attend every event we are interested in.

Nevertheless: Web Summit 2015 – we’re coming!


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