Digital Signage for Car Dealers: Successful Communication and Interaction with the Costumer

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The “action – purchase” for car dealers gains more and more significance. Haptic, sensors and acoustic attractions divide the visit of a car dealer from purchasing a car online. The more significant is the customer’s positive experience at the POS, anywhere and anytime. He wants the salesmen to come up to him, to advise him, to interact with him and to make him feel comfortable.

In order to purchase a car, the customer has a high need of Information, but it also is an emotional decision. The most important challenge for car dealers is to turn visitors into customers before they check out other possibilities like another car dealer or online prices where they will probably find a better offer.

The purposeful and efficient communication at the POS is becoming the key issue because if the customer does not feel comfortable, he will not make a purchase.

Advantages of Digital Signage Solutions for Car Dealers:

Digital signage solutions for car dealers are more and more likely to be used over the last couple of years. These are used as digital advertisement over large-format monitors, interactive displays or video walls. Digital signage systems offer a large number of advantages over print-ads, because the content is easier to create, immediately updateable, and can be broadcasted purposefully to the chosen medium.

The entrance area plays a big role in this case because the first impressions are very important and mostly can not be changed afterward. So, obviously, car dealers should welcome their customers open hearted from their first step on, in order to make them want to purchase at their house.

So how would you like to greet your costumers with a 42-inch display presenting a short Image spot of your sales ground or presenting certain cars? The customer will take this welcome in a good way, and his attitude towards the POS will be influenced positively.

Dynamic, emotional contents won’t just upgrade the “bigger picture” the customer gets of your product, but as well will influence the customer’s decision even before he made the purchase itself. The modern equipment and the professional-created contents will upgrade the general picture of the POS and will help your company to gain the Customers trust.

To get through waiting Periods:

Another important aspect of using digital signage solutions in the entry area is to help potential customers to get through their waiting period in case all employees are busy the moment he enters the sales area. The danger of a frustrated or dissatisfied potential visitor cannot be underestimated and can be avoided by following selected steps.

Car dealers should integrate the use of digital signage solutions as a part of their customer service and point out several services divided into topics of interest for the customer.

The customer will pay his full attention to the monitors throughout the whole waiting period and it will have the effect of shortening his waiting period plus it will create new “purchasing-attractions”. An obvious win-win situation for both sides.

Advise: Address the Customers directly with relevant and professional contents

  • Dynamic content arouses the necessary attention
  • A call-to-action leads to a higher involvement and a measure ability
  • The content has to be well coordinated with the local and temporal situation of the addressee

Also on the sales area of a car dealership, the use of digital signage solutions makes sense. The presentation of the car can especially be supported by high-grade tablet computers. Let your customers be a part of your car driving through wide landscapes, to remain steady in the high and muddy mountains or how it profiles itself while driving through the city.

When it comes to “action-purchases”, the visitor is directly involved in the action, he already feels like he is driving this car. When using this type of digital communication, another very important asset is the call-to-action, which is the goal to make the customer do a certain action.

By using interactive Touchscreens, the customer can be linked directly to the Homepage of the car dealership and inform himself about the features of the car, the conditions of a purchase and has the opportunity to request further information. Another Idea would be to take the POS directly to the costumer’s house. How?

Just request his e-mail address automatically send the Information he asked for to his account. That way, the customer remembers you in a better way, even if he decides to buy a car a while later because the call-to-action as described earlier involves him more. Digital signage on the sales area is an efficient opportunity to communicate, which offers car dealerships in a time of digital ways to provide Information a great potential.

There are a lot of potential ways to use digital signage solutions for car dealerships. The chances digital communication at the POS offers is already noticed and materialized successfully by a lot of car dealerships.

If the customer does not feel comfortable, he will not make a purchase; a risk which can be avoided by using the purposeful, digital Information technology.

At one glance

Site of OperationGoal
Lobbypositive attitude towards the company / Image
positive atmosphere at the POS / Ambience
getting through waiting periods operation at the POS
Sales Areapurposeful car presentation
sharing of Information in order to support the customer’s decision
entertainment and emotional appeal
Interaction with the customer for a higher involvement
Counter Areacommunication of further services / special offers
Modern ambience while making the decision
Current Information about e.g. events



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