Have you started down the path of trying to find the right Digital Signage Software? Then you’ve probably noticed that choosing the right provider isn’t as easy as you first thought.

There are more than 100 solutions with different settings and options, specialized in different areas with different price points.

This can drive anyone crazy. But before making a final decision, you should take the different software solutions for a test drive.

Is the Digital Signage Software intuitive to use?  Is it able to fulfill your expectations?

A lot of providers advertise that you can get started right away with phrases, such as, test it now for free or get started for free now. Usually, this means you only get a trial period or need to fill out an endless form to get started. In the end, it’s not as right away as promised.

We want to show you six free and temporarily unlimited cloud-based Digital Signage Software solutions, that you can actually use right away.

Of course, we would love for you to use our Content Management System viewneo, but we want to show you some alternatives, too.

1. viewneo

The Digital Signage Software viewneo was developed to be easy to use so that even newbies can upload stunning content onto their screens within minutes.

Next, to the friendly user interface, viewneo offers over 200 design templates that will guarantee a successful start. By using our templates, you can create great animated content without any design know-how.

A built-in template designer helps you to create appealing slideshows in no time as well. It’s also possible to integrate HTML5 content, RSS feeds, social media channels, live ticker or Office documents.

viewneo free at a glance

  • One device / screen
  • 5GB memory
  • 200+ design templates
  • Template designer
  • Offline play
  • E-Mail support

Please note that viewneo has shifted to a subscription based model in March 2018. You are still able to view and use viewneo for free for 30 days. This includes all Plugins and features.

2. ScreenHub

The web-based solution ScreenHub lets you use Digital Signage for free and only certain Add-ons have to be purchased. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t specifically say what is included in the free version and what needs to be purchased.

ScreenHub was also designed around ease of use and can be used with all common operating systems. This Digital Signage Software provider also offers a tool that allows you to design your slides and add basic elements like fonts, images, videos, etc.

3. MangoSigns

The content management system by MangoSigns also allows for a quick start. When you use the App, you can instantly change your monitors into Digital Signage screens and use either your own slides or their preset templates.

The free app includes a great selection of fonts and also some basic apps, like YouTube or Vimeo. It also lets you integrate RSS feeds or display websites. Three slides are allowed per device. If you would like to use more than that, you will be required to purchase an upgrade.

4. Rise Vision

Rise Vision is free of charge and unlimited, but you will need a Google Account to register.

Next, to the widespread scheduling function, it also allows you to add apps so that you can integrate Google spreadsheets, Google calendar, websites and RSS feeds. The first impression of this CMS is very positive and the user interface is easy to use.

The free version doesn’t include memory to upload your own data, which limits the flexibility of this version. However, you can buy a storage upgrade.

Additional applications like the weather, sports results, Facebook integration, etc. can be tested for up to seven days, but have to be purchased in conjunction with their Premium plan after that.

5. Play.

Play is a new Digital Signage Software provider and was only founded in 2015 in Denmark. Its main focus is also on a slender CMS design: after registering you immediately get an overview of how the software works and create your first playlist.

Sadly, it seems you only have two options: You either download the Chrome extension and play the playlist in your browser, or you buy the Digital Signage Player so you can use Play on any screen you like.

If you are looking to test it, the Chrome Extension and the intuitive interface make it easy, especially for newbies. But if you want to use Play permanently as a free system, you will not get around purchasing the hardware.

6. MediaSignage

Another Digital Signage Software provider is MediaSignage: You can add and manage unlimited screens in the free content management system.

For every free account, you get 1GB memory. This company from California says that 90% of its features are covered by the free of charge version.

This content management system has all the usual functions, like integrating weather forecast, RSS feeds, HD videos, etc.

Digital Signage Software: Keep this in mind

Even though a free Digital Signage Software solution is a great way to get started, it usually also means that you’ll face restrictions in functionality. You should always look into how much possible upgrades are.

Giving advice here on how much you should be paying for different licenses, wouldn’t make sense because it always depends on the individual needs and the size of your project.

Since the software solutions are trending more and more towards cloud-based solutions, they will become increasingly affordable, even for smaller installations.

Affordable alternatives are between $10 and $25 per month and screen. These usually have as many functions and possibilities as some of the higher priced software and should fulfill most of your needs.

You can find an overview on what features your software should have here.

We want to point out that our list does not include recommendations or ratings. It is just an overview of what is available currently.

In the end, all Digital Signage solutions will have some sort of costs related to software and hardware.