Digital Signage Software: “Easy to install” versus “Easy to use”

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The digital signage industry has become very professionalized over the past several years. The next step, according to Klaus Hofmeister von Scala, is to “de-complexify” software so that small and medium-sized businesses can increasingly enjoy easy-to-use digital signage software systems. The software solutions themselves continue to be very complex in many cases. Frank Kenna, CEO and President of The Marlin Co., writes about the importance of easy-to-use software in a blog article on

The pain lives with you forever

In his article, Kenna writes that problems caused by a difficult installation process are quickly forgotten later on. When everything works after installation, the initial imponderables are quickly out of mind again. In his opinion, problems for customers caused by a difficult-to-use content management system are more serious:”… the pain of a difficult-to-use content management system lives with you forever”. Therefore, ease of use for software is much more important than easy installation. Because this remains, provided that the software does not change. It ultimately leads to a situation where the system is used less or the digital signage system is no longer used at all. Frank Kenna draws comparisons between kitchen appliances – situations which everyone is familiar with and thinks that this dynamic can be recognized, even when using kitchen appliances.”There are easy-to-use machines, such as a toaster or refrigerator, and there are complicated devices such as espresso machines or juicers. If you are like me, then you use the simple devices on a daily basis, but the other ones very seldom before they are outright placed in a corner.” Digital signage is the same way. It must be easy to use if you wish to use it regularly.

The fous on User-Friendliness

Kenna also describes what he means exactly by user-friendliness and lists tasks that would need to be completed by the user within a few minutes. This would make it possible to roughly-estimate the solution’s user-friendliness. Kenna: “Ideally, you end up with a system that is both easy to install and to use.” But keep your focus on the long-term, that is to say, on user-friendliness. Relatedto the topic:

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