Spring awakening with viewneo: look at our new Template Designer!

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Many users utilise the new feature already. You can create your own templates with viewneo and use the same layout over and over again with changing content since a few days. This saves a lot of time and editing programs like Photoshop or Gimp become unnecessary to create a new menu or a new offer for your screens .

Template für die Bewerbung eines Mittagsmenüs in einem Restaurant.

Advertising Template for a restaurant’s lunch menu.

Elements like texts, shapes, images or videos can be arranged in your browser directly to design stylish templates. The handling is very intuitive – like everything with viewneo. Digital Signage doesn’t have to be complicated.

Design your Template


The moment, when a potato jumps on your plate

All elements can be animated as well, so that your templates become flashy and attention drawing animations, rather than just boring and static pictures. Images can slide in, videos appear, pictures bounce or  shapes flip, there is more than 70 effects to build a creative templates.


Dropdown mit über 70 Effekten zur Auswahl

More than 70 effects can be applied to each template element.

Everyone who has used Microsoft PowerPoint to create a presentation, will be able to create a presentable template naturally. With the Starting and Ending animation, any desired element can appear at the beginning of your advertisement and then disappear just before its end to induce the switch to the next playlist element.

More than 150 free Design-Templates

We are currently filling the Template-Pool with free templates for unlimited usage, accessible for every user with a professional licence. There will be more than 150 templates for different sectors in this first swing, but there is more templates to come. Each template can be used the way it is or adapted to personal needs. So that the logo, backgrounds, fonts are according to your own preference or your Corporate Design.

Im Template Pool von viewneo werden im ersten Schritt über 150 verschiedene kostenlose Templates verfügbar sein.

The viewneo Template Pool will contain more than 150 free Templates for now.

Everyone interested will be informed by our newsletter as soon as the Template Pool is published.


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