NEC Roadshow

By 25. April 2015 5. April 2017General

… is back after a three week break! We went up to Berlin to meet the other ECO-partners to keep the NEC Roadshow going. After Zurich, Munich, Düsseldorf and Hamburg, we had an easy time to get back into our Rodadshow-mode for the fifth time.

So far we are looking back to a very successful Roadshow, as at least half on the signed up participants showed up. We were able to have interesting and inspiring talks with the visitors, because our own target group, the system houses were widely present.

Get to know, listen and reflect.

While I sat on the plane towards the east my mind started to drift off. Berlin this time. Where will the visitors come from? What experiences do they have with the market? How open will they be towards Digital Signage and viewneo? Which interesting and inspiring Questions will the participants ask? And will I be able to answer them? Will we be able to fulfil the product expectations? And if not, what can we change to improve our product.

Looking back we met nice people in Berlin and enjoyed great talks, just as we experienced at any of the previous stops. That is because the expert audience was very interested in viewneo.

The next stop will be Vienna. And after Switzerland and of course Germany – we are looking forward to get to know the Austrian understanding of Digital Signage.

All Roadshow pictures until now can be found here:


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