Ready, set, go! Chrome OS is ready for Digital Signage with viewneo

By 3. March 2015 13. April 2017General

Feel free to choose on your own behalf – Android, IOS and even Chrome OS can be used with viewneo now.

Google developed the operating system Chrome OS based on a Linux core and the in-house developed browser Google Chrome. It is especially suitable to be used with devices (like Netbooks) that operate with a flash memory, due to its speed, simplicity and security. Chrome OS starts within seconds on these devices. The operating system established itself for many netbooks – so called Chromebooks . Also first hardware producers began to develop devices for this operating system in particular, so that they run smoothly as Digital Signage devices with the according software.

Digital Signage even works with a Windows browser

viewneo is available as a Chrome OS app since a few days. Just visit the Chrome Web Store to download the viewneo Player for Chrome OS for free. Even Windows 8 users can have a look at the app and test it without the need of a Netbook, Chromebook or any other Chrome OS device. The speciality is that the Chrome Browser simulates Googles newest operating system and real Chrome OS applications can be started regularly.

But running a DS-application in the browser is not the determined goal of transferring the software, which was running for Android, IOS and Samsung Smart Signage Displays (LFD) until now. Because there are already plenty of hardware producers whose development of devices is based on Chrome OS.

Maybe the DSE in Las Vegas will show what the future will bring. We, Adversign Media will also be present at the DSE to present our newest updates at the viewneo booth  again.

Get the free app for Chrome OS here: Chrome Store.

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