viewneo 4K SignageBox

Your Digital Signage Player for Razor-sharp Images

Professional 4K DS Player

At Entry Level Price

Brilliant resolution up to 4K Ultra HD
High performance 8-Core-Processor
Stable 24/7 operation
Works with any modern screen
Quick and easy setup via remote control

Safe Time. Enjoy Prime.

The viewneo 4K SignageBox is now available on Amazon.

Quick and Easy Setup

Via Remote Control

Setting up your viewneo 4K SignageBox is super easy. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert in digital signage: once your SignageBox is connected to your screen, the installation is done within seconds using the provided remote control.

Handling the viewneo SignageBox is as easy as switching TV channels which makes digital signage what it’s supposed to be: easy, quick and time saving.

Your Ideas in Brillant Resolution

Up to 4K Ultra HD

Full HD or 4K Ultra HD: The SignageBox turns your screens into real eye-catchers. It ensures high-resolution image output and brilliant video streaming which is great for any HD or Ultra HD screen as well as for video walls.

But also the powerful 8-core-processor makes for a promising digital signage future and allows for multiple videos to be put into one template.

Stable, Reliable, Powerful

Your Content. 24/7.

The world on your screens is vibrant 24/7. And even while your competitors are asleep, your displays will keep on getting all the attention you want. Which is why the 4K player is a great solution especially for window display solutions, the hotel industry, for gyms or digital signage in restaurants. Where continuous broadcasting is useful and needed.

Professional License Included

The viewneo 4K SignageBox Comes with the Whole Package, Including the Professional License – for an Unlimited Digital Signage Experience.

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