viewneo Active Plugin

Motivate Your Employees through Gamification.

The combination of Digital Signage and gamification leads to better work results and drops the average absence ratio. Connect Fitbit wearables with the viewneo Active plugin and display current challenges on your screens – because competition stimulates business!

Get the viewneo Active plugin

Hand out a Fitbit wearable

Connect the users to the challenges

Display the results in real-time

viewneo Active Plugin

Inspiring. Challenging. Motivating.

viewneo Active combines fun with the challenge and encourages ambition. Use any kind of Fitbit device to turn your office into a competitive sports arena. Display challenges or individual results on screens and provide digitized incentives for personal improvements. The interface uses elements based on the gamification model by an illustrated, colorful environment. As a result, motivation will increase.

Define Eligibility

You Name the Competitors

Scan the given QR-Code to join a challenge. Use viewneo Active to make your office hum. Create different challenges to find out the next winner. Decide whether everyone competes against everyone, or if two teams face the competition. You set the rules, let the games begin!

viewneo Active – Categories

Four Ways to Determine the Next Champion

1. Distance

Short-distance or long-distance, decide which one will produce the lucky winner.

2. Floors

Sometimes it pays off to be good at squats. Sometimes less is more on the way to the top.

3. Active Minutes

Who do you call the winner? The active guy or the couch potato, you name it.

4. Steps

Create a crazy challenge. The most or the fewest steps. Both results could lead to victory.

Are You Ready for the Challenge? Get viewneo Active.