By now some Digital Signage software providers let you organize your content in nested playlists. But what are the advantages of using nested playlist over regular playlists?

In this short tutorial, we will show you who should absolutely use this function and who doesn’t necessarily have to.

Nested Playlists: How It Works

In a classic playlist, individual content is combined and played in a timed sequence. A nested playlist goes a step further: You can add playlists (with as much content as you like) to other playlists.

This is especially interesting if you work with various content or with certain recurring playlists that are always played in between other content. Nested playlists don’t just make the organization of your content easier, it also saves you a lot of time creating and updating your playlists.

Real Life Case: Real Estate Agent

The real estate agent wants their property listing to alternate with slides about their service features. Instead of adding each of the properties to a playlist individually, the real estate agent can create one playlist called properties that includes all of their current real estate listings and then add that to the main playlist.

viewneo CMS showing nested playlists

That makes organizing, adding and deleting properties much easier because he just has to change the playlist properties. Then these changes automatically translate into the main playlist at the appropriate spots.

Recommended Video

The SignAgents show you, how you can use nested playlists with viewneo:

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