DSE 2016: IoT, Big Data and Social Media

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Digital Signage Expo Teaser 2016

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas! The city of opportunity, of sin, of lights and of dreams. There might be a lot of names for the fascinating cityscape with its shiny lights, the overcrowded casinos, and the lofty hotels, but for us – once again – there’s something else at the top of our list: the DSE 2016! Within one year, a lot of things have changed in the digital signage market and will be presented in March on the world’s biggest exhibition for digital and interactive technology.

Let’s play IoT!

The third year in a row, we will exhibit to you all the latest features of our Digital Signage Software, as well as our hardware solutions. In order to do so, we were plotting about these themes the last year:

  • Automatic BigData analysis with digital signage?
  • Digital Signage outside the screens? How does the future of Content Driven Events look like?
  • Do platforms like IFTTT and ThingSpeak open the door to new dimensions for the digital signage industry? Are the barriers between digital signage and the environment is finally torn down?
  • The power of Social Media. How do mobile and DS play together?

If you are looking for answers to these questions, come visit us at DSE. We are looking forward to seeing you.


Interested? Schedule a meeting for the DSE and meet us at booth 1340. Or just come around and get to know us.

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