Every company has individual requirements for a digital signage software. While some need the possibility of a social media integration others are more interested in such features as live ticker, content sharing or display timer. The result is a software with as many features as possible.

However the more features a software provides, the more the user interface is affected by this complexity – and so does the user experience. What’s being put in the background is the question if the customer even needs all these features. They are available either way irrespective of usage and yet the customer has to pay for the full range of the software.

viewneo Plugins – for more flexibility

The viewneo plugins provide all features – only if you need them. This gives you the opportunity to create your individual software and keep your interface simple. If you need an additional feature it is available right away in your content management system. So you can expand viewneo as you like – step by step.

And the installation of a plugin in really easy: choose the plugin you want in your viewneo account and you will receive an activation key which enables the usage of this feature. Easy, isn’ it?

After activating the plugin you can use it unlimited. For every content, for all playlist, for every device. It’s a one-time fee, there are no follow-up costs! This gives you a maximum of flexibility with vieweno. Furthermore, all user of your account has access to the plugins. We hope you enjoy our plugins.