From April 19th to April 21st, the Connecting Healthcare IT (conhIT) is back. Europes leading exhibition in the health care sector. At this exhibition, every single question regarding the future of the IT care. And – of course – viewneo will be right in the middle. We’re looking forward to exciting lectures, seminars, and theme courses. All in all: We’re looking forward to the future of the health care sector.

But, of course, our team is exhibiting as well. There is a steady increase of digital informationscreens, tablets, and boards in doctor’s practices, hospitals, and health institutes. Digital signage becomes a standard in this sector as well. There are so many use cases in the course of digital information.

Unexpected occasions can cause waiting periods in those institutes. For patients, relatives, and affected persons. Because there are so many people involved, waiting areas and treatment rooms offer an attractive surrounding for digital signage. You can display Infotainment content, you can present and introduce your team, or you can advertise addiotional services. Digital signage in the healthcare sector is based on trust. You want to gain the patient’s trust, as well as the visitor’s trust. The waiting periods will be perceived shorter and additional services can be advertised in a perfect environment.

Digital signage also allows you to create a digital patient welcome, as well as digital menu boards for e.g. the cafeteria in order to make the organization for workers in the healthcare sector easier. viewneo offers the right content as required. This way, service employees will be releaved, and modern displays support visitors in order to find their way through the building. Daily changing meals can be conformed with just a few clicks.

viewneo offers individual solutions as required. Because of the rising networking, there’s one thing that can’t be missed: The Internet of Things (IoT). With the viewneo Butler, which will be released in the autumn of 2016, there will be a complete Digital signage IoT solution, which also is very interesting for the healthcare sector.

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