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Digital Signage Software: “Easy to install” versus “Easy to use”

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The digital signage industry has become very professionalized over the past several years. The next step, according to Klaus Hofmeister von Scala, is to “de-complexify” software so that small and medium-sized businesses can increasingly enjoy easy-to-use digital signage software systems. The software solutions themselves continue to be very complex in many cases….

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Digital Signage with Amazon Fire TV

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In our blog, we regularly write about tests that we are doing on hardware from third-party producers in order to find out about how to ‘missuse’ this hardware (that was obviously never made for this purpose) to match it with our special needs for digital signage use. In particular we...
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NEC Roadshow Dates

Come and see viewneo at the NEC Roadshow

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NEC Display Solutions invites you to a visual journey through several solution scenarios from the virtual world of desktops, public displays and projectors in-between the 4th March – 7th May. Not only will you have access to the newest products, comprehensive solution scenarios and the NEC Partner Lounge, but there…

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Dear Valued viewneo Customer,

Last week, our Android mobile app was blocked from the Google Play store due to non-compliance with newly adopted policies for the Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement and Privacy Policy for malware. This was largely due to the our most recent feature updates that were customer-driven and deemed very important to a professional digital signage experience.

For example:

1. “Kiosk mode” disables the ability to exit a playlist once it begins. The device owner must enter a unique key code to exit the playlist. This features was designed specifically to prevent in-store customers or non-device owner from pausing, exiting, or otherwise interrupting a playlist.

2 . The current viewneo Player App completes software updates in the background once available. Avoiding onscreen notifications and the need for users to manually confirm and complete software updates has been a very important product feature.

We apologize for any inconvenience you may be currently experiencing. Our team is working as fast as possible to urgently produce an updated version of our Android app that complies with all of the new Google Play store developer policies.

Please use the link below to access a manual installation of the viewneo Player App as well as instructions. Should you have additional questions, please feel free contact us at any time.

viewneo Player App guidance