If you decide to use Digital Signage software for interactive video displays, keep in mind that there are always a few questions you need to think about in order to find the best solution according to your needs.

A very important question is, whether to go with a cloud-based or hosted Content Management System (CMS).

For big companies, the hosted CMS platform offers a higher level of safety, which makes sense if you want to maintain your own software in a self-contained environment attended by your own IT-staff. Especially for SMEs cloud-based Digital Signage is often the better platform.

Answering the following questions will help you make your decision:

1. Do you keep an eye on your expenses?

Probably you do, which is why you should choose a cloud-based Digital Signage platform. When selecting an on-premise technology you have to invest a lot more than just buying a server.

On-premise requires that your server is connected to all of your displays, requiring you to invest in network cables. Additionally, depending on the size of your operation, this could be a very large expense with miles of cable needed to get everything connected.

Besides that, you need to consider personnel costs for installing everything and for follow-up, IT support to keep your system running. This might lead to unexpected costs which can affect your project goals.

On the other hand, a cloud-based Digital Signage system frees you from a lot of these additional costs. Usually, your costs are very low because you pay monthly or annual fees to the provider of the software, which is easier to handle.

The software updates are included most of the times, too. Besides, there is also a possibility to look out for a free version of a software which will allow you to test the basic functions on your video displays.

 2. Do you know about the scalability of cloud-based Digital Signage platforms?

Scalability is one of the key benefits when it comes to cloud products and helps to differentiate it from on-premise systems.

This is the reason why you should consider this fact while you decide which platform to go with. Cloud-based Digital Signage offers you the possibility to suddenly upscale without rebuilding your server landscape in a time-sapping process.

Depending on the development of your project you are able to increase the number of hardware devices as you wish.  This makes it easy for you to adapt your business growth onto your Digital Signage solution in a timely manner.

In general, providers of Digital Signage products allow their users to purchase additional licenses as needed so the number of users can scale with the needs of the project.

 3. Do you have professional computer skills?

Cloud-based Digital Signage software is easy to work with because everything you need is a display which is linked to a digital signage player. There are no professional computer skills required, which are required when you are trying to set up your own server network for on-premise systems.

Most of the providers offer a user-optimized environment which consists of a variety of pre-installed features that you can start using straight away. The layout for the designs you like to use can be generated with simple functions and predetermined templates.

Using drag and drop functionality, you are able to add content to your playlist for your interactive displays. This really turns cloud-based Digital Signage into a system that anybody can use. Additionally, because drag and drop is so intuitive, it lowers the barriers to start using the service and gets you exactly what you need, easy Digital Signage.

4. Are you an SME or a global player?

Cloud-based Digital Signage can be used by anybody. No matter if you run a small business by yourself, or if you are part of a large company with many shops in different countries.

Of course, the aspect of a secure and safe digital platform should also be mentioned at this point. There are companies who reasonably say that they depend on an on-premise structure because of the sensitivity of their data.

But, believe it or not, cloud-based solutions have advantages even in this sector. Providers of cloud-based software are able to develop solutions that are equipped with a security package that, in many cases, is even better than a regular company network. Therefore you don’t need to be afraid of foreign access concerning your data.

Let’s break it down!

Not only Marketing is using the formula “KISS – keep it short and simple”, it also works for features when it comes to interactive video displays.

Cloud-based Digital Signage is a tool anybody can use to improve internal or external communication. The decision is not a question of protected data, more than a question whether you want to be able to profit from maximum scalability or not.

No matter if you have a small budget or just a few computer skills, don’t be afraid to use new technology and new possibilities. Using this solution will help you step up your business and increase company’s perception among your customers and employees. A feature you should not miss out on.