Man is a unique resource because he is only limited in rational and limited control.

Anyone as the leader of a company or in a supervisory role knows how hard it can be to motivate the employees. However, if you can figure it out, the rewards are huge. As different studies show, positively-inspired employees, play a decisive role in operating success.

In comparison to unmotivated employees, motivated colleagues had performance rates that were 36% higher – A potential that can lead to profitable changes.

Motivation of the Next Generation

Feel-good-Manager, Sabbatical, and Work-Life-Balance are buzzwords that inevitably appear to our minds when we think of employee motivation. But, besides the classic tools in this segment, there are also technical aids, the origin of which lies in the ever-increasing digitalization of our lives.

We will show you how you use a monitor and a Digital Signage player to add games, fun, and excitement to your office and discuss the possibilities to add motivational elements into your workplace with Digital Signage.

Increase Transparency

Digital Signage Applications can be used for more than just advertising. In the non-commercial area, they can also be used to transmit information successfully. Especially in companies, lack of information can quickly lead to a decrease in employee morale. This has the potential to spill over and decrease employee motivation.

Most employees are successful at completing their job requirements, but fewer understand the rationale behind why they are completing these assignments. Clear and transparent company communication can help to explain the goals and visions to the team.

A Digital Signage Installation can assist with communicating this information to employees. Graphically prepared, each employee can track the current status, as well as the distance to the goal.

Openly communicated goals motivate and having visualized goals allow employees to see any changes (both positive and negative) towards the goal, quickly and easily. Large, annual goals can be broken down into smaller building blocks that are easier to manage and see progress towards.

At the same time, the transparent communication of the company is reflected, an aspect, which according to a McKinsey Analysis can raise the employee productivity of up to 25%.

Employee Motivation through Appreciation

It’s your newest employee’s first day at work. They enter the reception area and the first thing they notice are the 60″ screens, that greet them with their name and picture. No more guessing if they are in the right place, now they know and are pleasantly surprised that the company is so excited to have them here.

Show an employee that they are appreciated and they will thank you by being more motivated. It’s a relatively easy way to show your employees that you are aware of the crucial role they play in making your organization a success.

Additionally, in this example, your current employees are aware of the newbie and can place a name with the face when they run into them in the halls later. It’s a small way to make the onboarding process a little bit smoother by using digital communication.

Participating Motivates!

The company’s management team has a very definite idea of how the company is perceived by customers. But it is no less important to find out how the employees view the business. There is no form of expression that is stronger and more emotionally-charged than visuals.

With a social wall, you can capitalize on this trend towards visualization. By using Digital Signage, you can provide your team with a visual platform, on which pictures of the company, their own products, the next summer festival, or the upcoming Christmas party are displayed. Create your own company hashtag and with the right software, display all pictures which are tagged on the big screen.

Work colleagues enjoy seeing the postings of others and are able to generate their own content and contribute to this discussion. Thus, a lively exchange can be initiated and everyone can be on the same page. It helps to foster an atmosphere that employee ideas are important and helps to increase employee motivation.

Alternatively, you could illustrate a companywide photo contest with the social wall. This can be used to determine how the company is perceived by the colleagues. As a theme, the following headline could be used as an example: Describe, using a picture, how you see the company and post your coolest shot with the #….!

viewneo, the ultimate tool to motivate your team

Gamification as a Trigger for Employee Motivation

Who doesn’t love a good challenge? This fact is not new, but the connection of Digital Signage and gamification as a motivation tool is. In a self-test, we developed an application to motivate employees through sporting goals and at the same time to promote team spirit.

A Digital Signage Installation combined with a few wearables turn your office into an Olympic Arena. The combination of Fitbit and viewneo shows how wide the application possibilities of Digital Signage really are.

The participants are motivated through real-time success seen on the screens, which are made public. In single or team challenges, different tournaments can be created and joined. The presentation takes place in an illustrated environment and underlines the gaming elements. In different contests, you can find out who the true hero of the office is.

Start your own tournament, because competition stimulates your staff!