Gamification gains more and more importance when it comes to employee motivation. The new viewneo Active app meets this development and brings Fitbit Challenges from the app to the big screens for the first time.

Visitors and exhibitors of this year’s Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas will be able to join the DSE Challenge and see, how the new gamification concept performs.

Today, digital signage is mainly used to display advertising at the point of sale, to display flight information on large screens, or to support the atmospheric effect of the sales site. The extensive part of the application example focuses on the presentation of the own services and products. The observer himself is often excluded.

A more recent approach is the topic of gamification in concurrence with Digital Signage. Already since a few years, more and more interactive steles are being found, or third-party technologies create interactive experiences in accordance with Digital Signage.

Gamification wins, however, especially in the area with remarkable meaning: The internal corporate communication, clearer, the motivation of the co-workers.

Based on a study done by TechnologyAdvice, 54% of the questioned employees stated that if they had playful elements in completing tasks, they could be more likely to perform much more efficiently. An additional, interesting result of the study – that 29.6% would prioritize wellness- and fitness offers as employee benefits.

The new viewneo Active app, an extension of the digital signage software viewneo, meets this development and combines the theme of movement and health with playful elements.

This is a new approach in the field of gamification and brings gamification together with Digital Signage.

viewneo Active: The Gamification App for Innovative Companies

The trend to the so-called wearables is conspicuous. More and more young people wear the beloved fitness wristbands in their spare time. These modern accessories worn on the wrist serve especially the purpose of measuring the activity level and health, and to improve on them by setting goals.

In so-called Fitbit challenges, friends and colleagues are able to compete against each other. The winners are the participants that, in a set period of time, mastered the most amounts of steps, kilometers, or flights of stairs. A competition that, in a playful way, supports good health.

To this day, these challenges are unfortunately only able to be tracked in-app. Only the participants themselves are able to see on their smartphone who has worked themselves up to the winning podium.

Fitbit: From the App to the Big Screens

This Fitbit concept is being extended in the new viewneo app. The competitions are transmitted to the working environment, in real time, to digital signage screens.

This way, not just the participants themselves are getting motivated, but also the other employees are being encouraged to enter the challenges, by seeing the challenges presented on the large displays. After all, nobody wants to be stamped as the couch potato of the firm or even lose against the neighboring departments.

viewneo Active thereby fulfills the desire for active employee programs and makes them particularly entertaining through the gamification elements.

An additional, exciting enhancement of the app: Companies can compete against other work teams of other firms. This way, a start-up in Berlin can dare a firm in Hamburg to compete in a 5-day challenge. Both can watch on their digital signage displays in real time, which one of the teams is the leader. May the more active company win.

But, not only will the employees benefit from viewneo Active, the health benefit aspect is particularly useful to the employer. The author, Charles Duhigg, writes that sport is a key element which has a positive effect on the overall work behavior of employees:

“Typically, people who exercise start eating better and becoming more productive at work. They smoke less and show more patience with colleagues and family. They use their credit cards less frequently and say they feel less stressed. Exercise is a keystone habit that triggers widespread change.”

Charles Duhigg, The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business


viewneo Active at the DSE in Las Vegas

viewneo will present this year at the DSE in Las Vegas how this challenge will work. Visitors and exhibitors are able to join the open DSE 2017 Challenge with their Fitbit wristband. Live at Booth 1454, the top-10 leads of the participants in most recent steps can then be tracked in real time.

At the end of the two-day trade show, the winnings include viewneo 4K SignageBoxes, one of the media players of viewneo, inclusive the professional license, but also a Fitbit wristband for first place to keep.

viewneo DSE Challenge