When coffee becomes culture – CAFETIERO

The Stockheim Group is a specialist for exhibitions and event catering. The family run business employs around 1,000 employees in Germany today. For the past 65 years, their high-quality standards in all their concepts are what set the Stockheim Group apart. And these standards don’t stop at CAFETIERO. If you have visited one of their 12 CAFETIERO locations in Germany, you know about the comfortable atmosphere. Everything works well together: The coffee, the food, the ambiance. And of course, the digital menus!

„For every change, we had to reprint the boards and install them again. That was a financial and time-intensive
investment every time.”

-Alina Volkmer, Junior Operations manager CAFETIERO-
Digital Signage Screens at the restaurant check out counter

After talking to Alina Volkmer, we noticed quickly where the pain point for CAFETIERO was: “We always reinvent ourselves to stay current for our guests. But for every price change, menu addition and a new recipe, we had to install new menu boards, which is costly and takes a lot of time.” In addition, CAFETIERO was challenged with printing their entire diverse menu onto the static menu boards.

“viewneo was the optimal choice for us because adding content and even setting a timer was so simple and easy.”

Interactive Tablet PC for restaurants

The main selection criteria for CAFETIERO was to find something that was really easy to use. After all, the new digital menu boards shouldn’t just save money, they should also increase flexibility – and save on time! Content needs to be added quickly, even without special know-how. During the opening of a new CAFETIERO at the Köln/Bonn airport, viewneo was installed for the first time. After the success of this pilot program, more CAFETIEROs followed.

Visual enjoyment

Everything CAFETIERO has to offer is being displayed on 40-inch screens at the counter. The digital menus have timers that show different offers depending on the time of day. Which helps with targeted promotions of specific drinks and meals. Enjoyable images on the vertical monitor underline the presentation of the menu items and also add to the atmosphere of CAFETIERO.

The CAFETIERO in Düsseldorf (Nordstraße) is currently piloting the viewneo BARtab, a great way to enhance self-service concepts like CAFETIEROs. The BARtab’s modern and timeless design isn’t the only thing that makes it a great addition: Because it is so easy to quickly change the promoted products being displayed, last minute changes and offers can be implemented without any problem now. This will allow CAFETIERO to do without printed posters or flyers in the future.

Digital Signage for Restaurants

„viewneo definitely met our needs. The software solution saves us time and money, and we are very happy with how easy it is to use. viewneo – definitely the right choice.”

-Nicole Henn, Brand Management CAFETIERO-