It seems as though the world has stopped spinning in the past few weeks as everyone puts all of their focus on fighting against Covid-19. The result is that everything else has largely fallen by the wayside. Who has time to think about market synergy or other artificial buzzwords when it feels like radical and unprecedented changes in our way of life are facing us. 

At its core digital signage is about sharing a message with people. And what better time than now to share important messages with people who need information in a timely manner. So let’s see how digital signage is stepping up to the plate and pitching in to help solve this problem.

viewneo flowCounter

viewneo flowCounter helps to automate traffic to help against coronavirus

As retail is slowly beginning to reopen, we realized the need for new unique solutions to help during this time of adjustment. The viewneo flowCounter is an automated system designed to measure the number of people who enter and exit an enclosed space, like a store. This helps to ensure that the maximum number of visitors at any one time isn’t reached. Once the system detects that the maximum number has been reached an automated message indicates that new visitors will need to wait.

It works by mounting a camera in an elevated position to capture the entrance and exit area. A video signal is sent to the flowCounter, which measures how many people enter or leave a given area. The result is a continuously updated overview of the number of visitors. Without having to use employees or a makeshift system, like baskets to know the status of your store.

digital signage used to display corona virus messages

We’ve also put together some free corona virus templates that all of our viewneo customers. You can find them in the Content Management System. They are available in both English and German.

Free Coronavirus templates

Hospitals and Medical Offices

Hospitals and medical staff are on the front lines of fighting against the coronavirus. As such, in many parts of the world they have been overwhelmed by the demand for their services. Digital Signage in medical settings can display helpful information, such as the location of various triage locations or the current wait times. This helps free up human resources to perform other tasks and helps patients get information that they need to get on the road to feeling better.

Additionally, there are a wide variety of helpful resources depending on your location that you can use to get accurate, up to date information. For example, in the United States the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a wide range of tips and information.

Grocery Stores and Essential Retail

People are still needing to go out to grocery stores, pharmacies, and other essential retail during these times. Digital signage is a smart and easy way to display general public health information to people. For example, reminders about maintaining a safe distance from other visitors while they are standing in line, as well as, general information about ways to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Additionally, displays at the front of the store can provide customers with real-time information about the status of which goods are in stock.

You can also keep your customers up to date on the current news by integrating an RSS feed. News sites like the New York Times, have made their coverage of the coronavirus free to read to help share information.


Restaurants are being forced to shut down altogether or radically rethink how they conduct their business in the face of the coronavirus. For those restaurants that have the ability to stay open for takeout and delivery, digital signage can also be used. This gives restaurants an opportunity to display special offers and keep customers up to date on new opening or closing hours.

Retail Businesses

open retail space safely with flowCounter

Most retail stores have found themselves closed or severely limited during this time. They are faced with mounting losses and are having to let go some of their employees. Retail can use digital signage to display information about their revised opening hours, as well as, information about when they will open their doors again. They can also use digital signage to spread positive messages of thanks to all of those workers who are on the front lines as we battle this virus.

What Are We Doing

Here are viewneo, we realize that as a society we face a number of challenges in the coming months due to the coronavirus. Lives will be lost, and there will be profound changes felt around the world. 

We want to do our part to help our loyal customers who are suffering due to the virus. If you are a small business or in the hospitality industry and are currently closed due to the coronavirus, please reach out to us. We would be happy to work with your business during this time of need. 

You can reach out to us at:

We believe that the only way through this is to work together and that digital signage has a role to play in helping us through this tough time.