Anybody who has been visiting our office at one point knows, that we don’t just sell digital signage. We also use it. Every single office is equipped with a screen on which we display our personal and individual playlists every day, using our viewneo signage stick of course ;).

But there’s this one project enthusing us continuously, motivating the entire team and reinforcing us in what we do every day and that is our digital viewneo world map.

We visualize live, in which part of the world our website is being accessed at the particular moment. And then there’s this green bulb lighting up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, which is no error at all. It is a school located in Honolulu, that, right in this moment, visited our website. And the school, at the same time, is a very satisfied viewneo customer, which is simply amazing.

To see where we started and where we are by now is motivating everybody on our team day by day. It excites us to see, which part of the world map will be lighting up because of someone using viewneo somewhere around the world at this moment.

All our customers and visitors are being displayed on our Corporate TV 24/7 that way. And on top of that, we get important information and conclusions out of the displayed data.

Data visualization is an increasingly important subject concerning internal communication. No matter if it’s about live access to websites, visualizing Google Analytics data in real-time or the logistics displaying their transportation routes.

Data visualization will be applicable to any industry sector or businesses. It encourages employee motivation, makes employees being involved in cross-functional business processes and ensures communication to be more efficient.

The presentation of live content on your Corporate TV will moreover create transparency about your own performance. This could include controlling of marketing activities, displaying of resources or power consumption within your own company.

Any accessible company data can be easily brought onto digital signage displays because of more and more visualization tools and by HTML5 as well. And that is how Corporate TV will also be accessible for small and medium-sized enterprises in the future.