A few years ago, it was almost impossible for regular people to book a vacation without a travel agent. The internet has totally changed the business. In 2015 about 22.5 million Germans booked their vacation online, 1.5 million more than in 2013.

Many travel agencies have recognized this trend and are trying to get customers back to the point of sale by using modern marketing concepts, supported by individual consultations and focusing on a great customer experience.

One tool that can help travel agents attract attention are screens of any shape and size that show dreamy destinations and white sandy beaches. This article will focus on some of the ways that Digital Signage can help travel agency advertising.

#1 Video captures attention

The important information in a travel agency’s front window is usually the most up to date offers. So far these are mostly just printed on paper, showing the key facts like timeframe, destination, and cost.

But because of the flood of information that surrounds us these days, most people don’t bother to look up from their smartphones as they walk by the shop window. To get their attention, moving images can help. As we all know, an image speaks volumes. If an image is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand images.

Digital Signage Installation offers the possibility to show different content, managed by playlists. If the monitor is placed right in the front window, the static information of the past is replaced by changing content and so is filled with life.

#2 Location, location, location

Screens can be used at different points at the POS. Depending on their location, they can serve different purposes:

Eye-catcher – As an add-on to the classic advertisement, a screen in the front window that can grab customer’s attention. By playing different videos, the window display feels alive and catches the eye of potential customers.

Videowalls are an especially interesting eye-catching option because they can create a large image of a dreamy destination, spread on 4 or 6 different screens. They are a great way to visually showcase your business.

Interaction – A touchscreen installation in the waiting area of the point of sale enables customers to actively browse while they are waiting. This helps to make the wait seem shorter and less boring.

Customers can take their time looking through different offers and get an idea of what they are looking for. This way, the screen can also be used as a social marketing tool.

Information –  Digital Signage installations can show dynamic content. A display behind a desk can be used to show the current weather forecast in different vacation spots.

Digital Signage can help create a positive image for the travel agency and make it look modern and forward thinking.

#3 Videos that make you want more

There are few things that a German loves more than their vacation. That’s why we spend so many hours beforehand researching.

Videos allow customers to get a better first impression of a possible vacation destination. Additionally, a film allows the destination to come alive in ways that simply aren’t possible using still images.

Next to movies about a region or country, video walkthroughs of hotels or cruise ships can also be played on the digital displays. Travel agencies can use the never-ending supply of travel video footage on YouTube if they don’t have their own video material.

Any video available on YouTube can be played on the travel agency’s advertising screen. Visualizing key facts helps customers process that information better. Movies make you want more, so they are a great way to show customers alternatives as well.

#4 Important information increases the impulse to buy

Many Digital Signage solutions offer the possibility to show real-time information, like local weather, information about visas or necessary vaccinations.

This provides added value to customers, increases the customer experience and makes customers feel like they are getting complete and competent information.

Of course, you can also show content you created yourself based on your travel experience. How about “This November, you should fly to…” or “10 travel tips for …” This turns your digital display into an interesting addition, rather than just another advertisement.

#5 Implement customer feedback

Reading customer feedback and ratings is a big part of any purchase decision nowadays. By integrating platforms like Facebook or the own website, you can use this social phenomenon for yourself.

When you show your customers feedback and rating, you create transparency and build trust. Word-of-mouth as a supporting Marketing tactic.

In addition, it feels like customers support each other: from the booking to the exchange of experiences after the vacation.

#6 Vacancies

You’ll never forget the feeling of disappointment when you went through all of the trouble of finding your dream hotel, only to find out that it was fully booked when you went to book your vacation. Booking a vacation on your own, online, takes 9 hours on average.

No one likes to feel like they are wasting time. And when all of your research is for nothing, that is exactly what it feels like. In the past, Digital Signage solutions in tourism were often isolated solutions. While they were capable of showing individualized content, they didn’t connect with the booking software.

This has changed now, and with these new possibilities, you can visualize vacancies and open spots on interactive displays. This creates transparency because customers can see exactly what can be booked.

This real-time connects automatically displays new offers and saves on organizational efforts, time and money.

#7 Content managed centrally

If you have more than one travel agency, Digital Signage offers you the possibility to manage all your content from one place. And it allows you the flexibility to display different content in different locations, so your content reflects exactly what you are looking for.

The interactive displays can be managed and filled with content easily from one central location. Changes can be quickly implemented and new information easily added.

#8 ROI thanks to ad placement

Depending on which Digital Signage solution you go with, the purchase price isn’t exactly low. But the digital displays also allow ads to appear next to your own content.

If for example, your travel agency focuses on diving excursions, you are already honed in on a selected target group. This is great when trying to sell a spot in your playlist to someone to display their ad on your interactive display. A local diving store, for example, would be a natural fit to work with.could be interested in a cooperation.

The time for digital change is now. You can create great results with little effort. And the best part about it: great customer experience makes customers come back to the POS.