Information is flowing daily, hourly, every minute of every day – actually every second of every day. All the time. Everywhere.

The famous sentence of the communication specialist Paul Watzlawick “One cannot not communicate” still holds true, even in the digital age. Especially in our everyday lives, communication and ensuring that it is shared in the right way is critically important.

Digital message boards are a good alternative to static billboards when it comes to easy and fast distribution of information. Particularly in high-frequency areas where information is immediately visible and can’t be missed.

What you can use your digital message boards for?

If you want to distribute your information, important messages or announcements quickly and with as little delay as possible, a digital message board is the perfect medium and can be used in many ways.

For example, you can use it as a print replacement, in public spaces or on highways, to show important and noticeable messages. Drivers could be informed quickly with up to date information about construction zones or traffic jams and change their route.

You can also display other important information, like the time of day, the outside temperature or maps of the surrounding areas on a public digital message board, to help people navigate a mall or the parking areas for instance.

Digital Signage really shines in restaurants, apartment complexes or office buildings (and many more places). A digital signage board promises to reach employees, customers and guests with precise, professional and up to date information.

When you install it in the right place, you guarantee that the messages that are displayed on your screens get the attention that you want. Digital boards are the perfect replacement for old bulletin boards that often hang in entrance halls or hallways.

Your detailed information about events, changes or products can change as often as you like and are displayed in no time and with little effort on your screens.

How does it work?

By using a digital message board, you can make important content changes in real time via a content management system (CMS), that ideally is cloud-based. This CMS distributes all your changes to your info board.

All you need is a computer, a tablet or even just your smartphone, with internet access. From here you can easily adjust and manage your content in your CMS, without having to be near your digital message board.

The CMS is easy to set up and connect to the screens that are supposed to show your content, allowing you to make changes anywhere, anytime.

You can even create different messages for different screens, depending on where they are and who will be looking at them. And you can choose, which digital board will show what and when.

Why a digital message board is an advantage?

When you set up a digital message board you can automatically and without much work make important changes to your content in real time.

Especially in business, making changes digitally can be an advantage. Whenever important message has to be distributed, it is important that these get to where they need to go as soon as possible. Actuality and reliability are key.

Shipping and handling costs are expensive and there is always the administrative work that goes into sending printed information. The digital way not only saves time and money, but also important resources like paper.

Digital message boards are also appealing because of their attractive design, the brightness of the screens and the different possibilities for animation, that catch people’s eye.

They are attention grabbers and make sure that important announcements, changes or alterations are being seen. Your information reaches the target group reliably so that you know, that your messages are being noticed.

Content is king!

But what content should be used with a digital message board? The digital signage with info boards is customer friendly and the best way to not only highlight important announcements, changes, and messages but also to make your business more attractive to potential guests or customers.

Many businesses already use digital message boards to inform about room bookings, appointments or directions within large buildings.

[vc_column_text]Next, to management floors, that use digital message boards for internal communication, they are also a great show stopper for gastronomy.

With the newest specials or season highlights shown on your screens, you can grab the attention of potential customers outside of your restaurant, increase their interest and the likelihood that they come inside. You can be as creative as you want to when it comes to designing your content.

Here are some ideas for different content, that you can use on your digital message boards inside your restaurant. But they are also a great idea for real estate agents to make their newest properties more attractive to potential buyers. New technology that can show for example the local trash pick up or energy tips embody a modern and positive vibe, that ultimately create a competent and trustworthy image.

Starting your marketing in your front window with digital signage can also help you. Digital message boards have great application possibilities for real estate agents, that help create a modern image and show customer orientation.

The layout has to be just right

When it comes to designing a layout for your digital message boards, it is important not to overload the viewer with too much information. Especially texts should not be too long so that they take too much time to read.

They should be short and sweet, so the viewer can get the essence in just a few seconds. Concentrate on a headline that is striking and that teases the content.

Use colors that are eye-catching but not too flashy – they should always fit your corporate identity. There are numerous tools you can use to create your content and that can help design a nice template.

Find the right place to install your digital message boards

To distribute your information in the most effective way, a well-selected spot for the installation of your digital message board is key. Think about which areas in your building have the highest frequency of customers.

Entry ways, for example, are a perfect place for important messages or information, that should be seen without any distractions. Areas, where customers, visitors or employees are spending a lot of time, are also a great place to install a digital message board.

In a place where people have to wait, anything that distracts them from that automatically works and their attention is almost guaranteed. For example, in front of an elevator, or by a bar.

No matter which spot you choose for your digital message boards, one thing is for sure: your Digital Signage installation will grab peoples’ attention and your information will be noticed.